a new access to Modern Art for interior design 

Always highly concerned in enriching its performance, l'Atelier de Saint-Pierre is proud to introduce and represent ARTISMUNDO in Russia.


Too often, and all designers have to face it, the last obstacle to achieve a good interior design mission is the difficulty to find the right paintings to put on the walls. Good contemporary paintings are reaching prohibitory prices and the solution of the poster reproduced millions of times all over the world can't be satisfying. Artismundo is bringing a solution to that dilemma.


What is Artismundo? It's a group of international artists gathered in Paris and working in the frame of Digital Art. The high artistic level and the impressive decorative power of their works make ideal partners of them for interior design. In fact, their artworks are already present in several prestigious places all over the world. (some of them are presented in the following gallery).


Technics used by Artismundo allow them to propose their artworks at a very affordable price. (approx. from 300$ up to 2000$ according to the size). Each one of the artworks has a certified restricted printing of 10 copies. All the copies are printed on canvas. Thanks to the process a great flexibility on the size is available in a way to fit to any interior design project.


L'Atelier de Saint-Pierre is the exclusive representative of Artismundo in Russia. In the following galleries are represented some of the Artworks of Artismundo and some exemples of their use in the frame of interior design. The full catalogue is wider and enriched pemanently.The Artworks are delivered free of frame, so l'Atelier de Saint-Pierre will be pleased to help you to chose your Artwork according to your anvironment and tastes and to get it framed as you need and wish. Please, feel free to contact us to get more informations on Artismundo Artworks.