Steps of a Project with l'Atelier de Saint-Pierre


We divide the project in 3 basic self-sufficient steps.


Step 1- The  sketch planing and  the concept.


At this stage we propose you the basic lay-out, urniture style proposal, set up of all objects and style and colour scores are defined. The result is a detailed plan with furniture and its dimensions, a set of "photos" of your future house (done on the basis of real photos of the empty house using a method of imposing and computer processing), the proposal of a range of key objects. At this step, we try to use really existing objects according to your budget but we do not specify any element in particular, we just estimate approximately the price of each object used in the simulation. Of course, if you disagree with some parameters of the proposal, we change and edit  them until we reach the final variant. It is the basic stage from the creative point of view.


Step 2 – Working on design-project.


At this stage there is a calculation, a selection and the order of definite materials (tiles, stones..) and stationary objects (doors, lights, sanitary, kitchen..) - everything what is necessary to execute interior  finish. Having their dimensions and characteristics, we can give out to the master-builder the necessary documentation on distributing electricity, water, on an allocation of  tiles, etc. It is the basic technical stage. Result - the finished house with doors, light, bathrooms, kitchen. But empty.


Step 3 - Finish of the house


Filling the house by furniture, accessories and all the necessary things in general, decoration, creation of the inhabited environment. By request of the client we select antiquarian objects and works of art, as well as we can buy fine household objects (a hair drier, a dressing gown, a towel, slippers for the bathroom). Result - the inhabited house which has been thought over up to trifles and ready to receive you.


Besides there are additional services - full computer visualization of the project with photographic realism, technical supervision of construction, presentation and coordination of the project to official instances -  are possible.


With most of its projects  l'Atelier de Saint-Pierre  works by principle ALL INCLUSIVE. The cost of the contract is defined at the moment of  signing and does not change, even if construction is delayed or if you suddenly have new ideas and preferences.