The philosophy of

l'Atelier de St-Pierre

in few questions...



W hy did you call your design studio: Atelier de Saint Pierre?


-  "Atelier" because we are involved in a wider range of creative processes than strictly interior design and "St Pierre" to recall at the same time the place where we are based and our double culture. St Pierre is also keeping the keys of heaven...There is also a charming point: In Rome, "La fabrica di San Pietro" is the term to indicate the craft working for centuries on the Basilica of St Peter and it became a way to qualify the endless processes of evolution and refinement.


What differentiates l'Atelier de Saint-Pierre of other design studios?


- We are puting the accent on design and decoration, not on architecture. Unfortunately, in Russia, architectural approach is dominating, playing with shapes and spaces in a graphic way, not a human and bearable way. Our wide opened mind approach of design is more European. Local market trend never dictates our work. We don't like showing off and ready made design. A house is not a show room. We don't follow blindly fashionable design; not because we don't like fashion but because an apartment has to accompany its owner for years and can't be changed as you change clothes. That's why we blend styles and epochs. Our design aims to be untemporal. The most spectacular aspect of an interior design should be the osmosis between the owner personality and his environment. Interior design should be able to enhance the most intimate and fascinating facets of the owner. At that point, it's clear that it is difficult for us to work for somebody whose personality we don't like or we don't understand. We are too intimately involved in our projects to lie to anybody and to ourselves. From time to time, it can be commercially a problem but we assume it. Sincerity should be a keyword in this partnership. In fact, with the passing of time, most of our clients become friends.


How do you envisage the future of L'Atelier de Saint-Pierre?


- ACertainly not growing too much in a quantitative way but more on the qualitative one. We want to keep the flexibility of a little structure in a way to keep this one to one relationship we have with our clients. We will try to make more complete our decoration services and offers. In fact, we just began a partnership with a group of artists in Paris in wich we believe strongly. Artismundo is a group of international painters working on Digital Art and their contribution is a real brand new opportunity for us and our clients to integrate Modern Art in our decoration proposals at a reasonable cost which was until now, at least in Russia, nearly impossible.