For an inner luxury


" L'Atelier de Saint Pierre " is the company, 10 years creating interiors of high level in Europe and in Russia.

It is more than 50 serious realized projects which are united by one - faultless taste, a sense of style, and the European approach - to design, to service, to management.

We  work on the abrogation of the "show-room " flats, in the playing down of the "luxury for luxury" to the advantage of the real comfort, aesthetic and physical. To put it in few words, we work on the humanization of the habitat in the most noble sense of term.







Anna Apraksina today is one of the most appreciable designers of Petersburg. In the 80-th, when such profession in Russia did not exist yet, she managed to store all the necessary experience: to graduate in mathematics , to get the diploma of the  Academy Fine of arts, to pass courses in France; and the  long-term experience of top management in one of the largest multinational corporations helps to operate the process. Add to it the creative energy, aristocratic charm and sincere passion to the business - here is in general a portrait of the key figure of " L'Atelier de Saint Pierre ".